The Kate offers PK-12 Educators the opportunity to make curriculum connections and enhance student knowledge by working with the Kate in developing topic specific experiences, presentations, and lessons. Various examples are shared below. To design and schedule experiential learning for your students, contact Dr. Marisa Calvi-Rogers, Education Coordinator at

Career Walk at the Kate, May 22, 2024

The Kate was part of the Career Walk, a partnership among the Greater Old Saybrook Chamber, Junior Achievement, and Old Saybrook High School. Old Saybrook High School students met with Executive Director, Brett Elliott, who shared the Kate’s management structure and administrative roles. He provided details about the operation and the economic benefits the Kate returns to the community. Judy Sullivan, Executive Director, Greater Old Saybrook Chamber of Commerce was in attendance. 

The STRIVE Program of Clinton tours the Kate

Adults from the Strive Program took a tour of the Kate which included the theater, balcony, backstage, and the Katharine Hepburn Museum. A great exchange took place as they learned about how the theatre operates. 

Annual Language Arts Connection at the Kate

As part of their Language Arts lesson on Drama and playwriting, Grade 7 students from Old Saybrook Middle School attend a presentation given by The Kate’s Production Manager, Jacob Kaufman. Sound and lighting were the focus of the presentation. This demonstration provides lighting and sound cues to the students as they write their screen plays for class. 

Theatrical Lights Seminar at the Kate, May 30, 2024

Jacob Kaufman, Production Manager, provided a hands-on experience in the set-up of theatrical lights with a group of Old Saybrook High School students accompanied by their teachers, Maria Evans and Gerald Carlone. 

Students worked with actual LED lights and learned how to secure, aim, power, and attach data cords to the lights. They worked to share the power and data across the lights which activated central control of the lights from an IPhone or IPad. Students were able to manipulate the shudders for various effects and adjust the light to fit various shapes projected on the stage. The seminar concluded with a breakdown of the equipment. 

STEM Connections at the Kate

Grade 5 STEM students in Old Saybrook develop a business plan incorporating financial data as well as a focus on environmental issues. The students and their teachers spent time with Brett Elliott, Executive Director of the Kate, as he discussed the business of running the Katharine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center. The student inquiries made for a fun and informative conversation.

The Kate is generously sponsored by:

  • Pasta Vita
  • Saybrook Point Resort & Marina
  • Sennheiser