The Kate offers PK-12 Educators the opportunity to make curriculum connections and enhance student experiences by working with the Kate in developing topic specific presentations and lessons.

For example, in 2023, Old Saybrook Middle School students spent time at the Kate in two different ways. The first connected to their Language Arts Drama unit by meeting with our Production Manager and learning about lights and sound. Another group connected with their STEM unit on developing a business plan and interviewed our Executive Director on the running of the Kate as a non-profit organization.

To create a student learning experience at the Kate, contact Education Coordinator, Dr. Marisa Calvi-Rogers, at

Whether in collaboration with a performance, or just to learn about an American icon, we welcome the opportunity to share our Katharine Hepburn Museum with students of all ages.

As part of their Language Arts lesson on Drama and playwriting, Grade 7 students from Old Saybrook attended a presentation given by The Kate’s Production Manager, Jacob Kaufman. Sound and lighting were the focus of the presentation.

Grade 5 STEM students in Old Saybrook develop a business plan incorporating financial data as well as a focus on environmental issues. The students and their teachers spent time with Brett Elliott, Executive Director of the Kate, as he discussed the business of running the Katharine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center. The student inquiries made for a fun and informative conversation.

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